User Manual (pdf, 409KB) : Brief introduction to Bayes networks and the background to the tool, followed by a step-by-step description of how to use the tool and what the various components mean.

Glossary (Available in English) (pdf, 418KB)

Technical Document (pdf, 800KB) : Details of the technical components of the tool, including parameters of the Bayes network (Available in English)

Meta-data (Volta basin, Botswana, Mozambique, South Africa, Zimbabwe, Niger) (pdf, 1.3MB) : Details of data layers used in the tool (Available in English)

TAGMI Fact Sheet (English, French) (pdf, 536KB) : 1 page outline of the TAGMI tool's aim, principles and functionality

TAGMI Information Brief (Volta - English, Volta - French, Limpopo) (pdf, 1.3MB) : 4 page introduction to the TAGMI tool’s rationale, development and use

TAGMI model networks - Limpopo (English) (pdf, 55KB) : images of the Bayesian networks for each technology in the Limpopo Basin

TAGMI model networks - Volta (English, French) (pdf, 1.3MB) : images of the Bayesian networks for each technology in the Volta Basin

Kemp-Benedict, E. (2010) Converting qualitative assessments to quantitative assumptions: Bayes' rule and the pundit's wager. Technological Forecasting and Social Change 77(1): 167-171 (pdf, 266KB) Also available at:

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